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Pine Merino Winter Socks
Gillian Van der Westhuizen

This morning I took my Merino Winter socks for their first run. Besides the perfect fit (there is a left and right foot), these socks truly kept my feet warm during an icy cold early morning run. Love the little sheep logos at the back!

Merino Cycling Socks

What a great pair of socks to keep the early morning chill off the toes!

Super funky, super comfy!

Bold, bright and beautiful. Great socks. Versus for the win!

Good looking & functional

Love the design and the colors. Comfy, keeps your feet happy while putting on those miles. I run in nothing else. Ps love the new V logo on the back

Northern lights love

My son picked these for himself. He could not wait to put them on and was just as excited when them came as the previous times. He loves them and would honestly own all the prints

Little vintage

Not just great quality, but the prints reflect your personality while wearing them. I love these 'vintage' looking babies. Been eyeing them foe a while and finally got them. Very pleased

Best socks

Very comfortable and snug fitting sock. Colours are amazing and fun

Pink Sky Merino Winter Socks

They are WARM! Compared to my other socks, I can definitely feel they are warmer so I will have happy feet this winter!!


Superbly cozy and super comfy for the icey morning runs :D


Love them! Please make them in the shorter length.

Great Fit

Love the length and comfort and not too thick in the shoe!

Cyclist Active Crew Socks
Johan Nieuwoudt
Cyclist Active Crew

Very stylish and comfortable to wear. Funky design and colours. Will definitely buy more similar socks.

Wild Flower

Perfect choice. Very comfortable and attractive. Good value for money.

Great quality

Currently my favorite pair

Merino Socks

Great, just sorry they are made in China and not in SA (in addition to being designed in SA)

Merino winter socks

Absolutely fantastic!! Very impressed with the overall quality of these socks. Just the right amount of compression on the cuffs. Well worth the money in my opinion. You really can’t go wrong with Merino wool.

Socks & Service

I ordered braai socks for my fiancé's birthday and he really likes it. Versus is one of the most comfortable and best quality socks I know. The service was remarkably and I'm overall just very happy!!

Atom Active Crew Socks
Lucie-Ann Tait

Love them, they so dope!

Avocado crew socks

Love them, they so dope!

New Trail & Merino Socks

I tried the new Trail socks and the Merino wool socks and the fit is snug and perfect. The quality of Versus socks are of high standards as always.

Great but...maybe not for trail runs.

Unwrapped the Black Merino Socks and took them for a trail run in a cold nature reserve this weekend. My feet were probably the most comfortable things on the run. Ran a total of 13 km's over some hilly terrain. Noticed when i got home that the toe of the socks already had a hole. I've been running for years so know to keep the toe nails short never had an issue like this on the first use of socks (and always run in versus). Maybe not so great for trail runs, might have to just use these for more casual use.

Smokey Cutback Short Running Socks (Anti-Blister)

Comfortable and have the perfect fit. Yet to try over a long distance, but I'm sure, as with other Versus socks, these will not disappoint.

Love my Merino wool socks

Wore these yesterday and they were awesome. I wish they also came in a shorter version (no show sock) as I find the long socks a bit tight on my calves.

Lovely gift

Perfect, same as all Versus socks

Comfortable, breathable and warm

Perfect socks for work and training in the winter.